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 Holland 2 England 2

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PostSubject: Holland 2 England 2   Thu Aug 13, 2009 12:35 pm

As almost everyone has said, not the best time for a full international to be played, but it turned out to be a good game.

Ferdinand n Barry two of my fav footballers had me smiling as one was so lazy in his passing n the other to confident in his knitting together, both cost England goals in the first half.

Ferdinand has always been lazy, a terrible reader of the game and last night his poor pass back to the goalkeeper was that of a sunday morning footballer, not a full blown International. John Terry almost saved his ass on the line, but Kuyt managed to find the net.

I think he continues to have issues with his back as his movement isnt as free as it once was. When you take into account his speed was the main reason he gets in the team - I think he position will be up for grabs by the end of this season.

Barry got sussed by Arjen Robben, watching Barry take too many touches of the ball n slow ass turning to offload the ball to Ashley Cole, Robbin read what was going to happen n intercepted the pass with ease. This time Green in goal saved the first attempt only for someone to follow up n put the dutch 2 ahead.

I have a real problem with Barry at this level - he is too slow and will continue to get caught in possesion of the ball.

Frank did brilliantly well to get his foot high enough to push the ball through to Defoe for the first goal. A wonderfully well taken goal I might add which I am sure sunk Man Utd's new Ex England centre forwards heart. Must be 5 years since we saw a goal like that from Owen.

Defoe underlined all he is about with a nice tap in after great work from no left foot Millner. Each time he checked onto his right foot it gave the defence the chance to attack the ball facing away from their goal - the one time he crossed with with his swinger (left) the defence were facing goal n Defoe was there to smash it home from very close range.

SWP on the other flank did nothing but smash the ball into the full back or give it to the full back to make use of. It's nice to see he still hasnt learnt a trick n only attempts to push the ball past the player n run onto it.

There seems to be alot of calls that we are going to win the next world cup and we now have depth in the squad after last nights performance.

I might point out Holland had their 2nd string on the field by the time we started scoring too.

He (Pogba) will score. United are going to use him like Chelsea used Lampard. You watch. Red 07Aug16
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PostSubject: Re: Holland 2 England 2   Thu Aug 13, 2009 1:20 pm

What I thought was best about this, is that we came out after half time and gave it a real go. Despite a weaker Holland side being on the pitch, we had also brought on our second string who provided the results. If the World Cup was contested between the second teams, maybe we would have a chance.

Barry is the biggest problem in the side because it seems as though Capello thinks he actually is good. He isnt. Signing for Man Citys overated brigade shows that. Ferdinand is also a problem, but hopefully his laziness was more down to some pre season rustiness, than (as Tick suggest) some underlying problem with his fitness. If this is the case, I fully expect the manager to notice it and I'm sure he wont be afraid to change his plans. Cant think of many other centre backs however, that have had the chance for England and thoroughly grabbed it.

Green had a good night, was impressed with his keeping (if not his kicking) and this is a good problem for Capello given that Foster may be a disaster waiting to happen. Why are all keepers so shit at kicking? His dilly dallying was like that of Barry's. but perhaps as far as Green is concerned, some experience at the top level will aid his indecision (more starts for England?).

2-2 was fair, a good game and good comeback. The fact their goals came from mistakes and not because they outplayed us is pleasing, because mistakes we can wipe out. Considering they were 3rd in the world and at home, I saw nothing that worried me in either half from them. Some bright players that play good football, but will never win a major tournament because they can be beaten and bullied too easily. Heskey in the first half showed that...didnt lose a header.
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PostSubject: Re: Holland 2 England 2   Thu Aug 13, 2009 9:55 pm

Two sloppy goals but a great comeback and a lot of credit should go to Defoe. Will be interesting to see who plays up front for Spurs this season.

No doubt that was a terrible mistake by Rio, but it was bad play all around. There were a couple of Dutch players in the area and Green with his goal kick passes the ball to Johnson who passes it back to Rio, who passes it back to Green. It was mistake waiting to happen, all three of them had chances to clear the area and with the Dutch players pressuring them the ball should have been sent down field.

I have not heard anything about Rio still having trouble with his back. I thought he was going to have an operation over the summer, but never heard anything about that.

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PostSubject: Re: Holland 2 England 2   

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Holland 2 England 2
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