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 Duckworth Lewis farce

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PostSubject: Duckworth Lewis farce   Fri Mar 20, 2009 9:59 pm

Just watched a great ODI between England and the Windies end in a farce. I'm glad we won for two reasons. First, because I am an England supporter (obviously), but secondly, because the onus was on the batsmen (Windies) to man up and decide to back themselves and win the game. Instead they chose to take the bad light offered, needing 27 from 22. It is my belief that teams should back themselves to bat out the overs and score the runs they need and therefore it is their own faults they have lost due to their mistakes.

Cricket, such a great sport, which provides great contests, so often ends in farces coming about from bad light, DL etc. What a shame, but still, a win England badly needed
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PostSubject: Re: Duckworth Lewis farce   Sun Mar 22, 2009 11:17 am

I'm glad we won, it may have been an absolute joke as cricket is turning out to be at the moment, but when you havent won a game in 6 months, to be perfectly honest I dont really care how it came about.
Saying that though, the West Indies have again tried their best to ruin the game - that was their second unforgivable mistake in this series and made them the laughing stock of world cricket, I feel sorry for the likes of Sir Viv Richards and other greats that their country is being ridiculed after the reputation it gained back in the 80s.
With the Duckworth Lewis method its brought about a diffferent dimension in terms of a tactical approach to the ODI game - anyone in the Windies situation would have played to that, the light was poor and deteriorating - they have to take the blame for not reading the situation correctly, but I dont think any less of them for playing to the DL method.
All these new laws are there to jazz up the game and get results, but the teams (and coach in this case) have to be alert to read the game correctly.
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Duckworth Lewis farce
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